Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Animal Can Talk?

What do you think if a bird can talk? All of this time, we know parrots are capable to mimic speech produced by human but do you realize that parrots actually understand consciously their speech. The scientist suggested that an African grey parrot has the social skills of a 2-year old child and has the intelligence of a 5-year old child. The video below will show you how the African grey parrot recognizes its surrounding materials by identifying the  matter and the color of certain things. 

This video is taken from the National Science Foundation newsletter.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Changing Planet

Let us forget for a while the reality that human needs money more than anything. There is something that needs our concern right now. It is about the global warming that endanger the coral reef species and possibly causes this world become not sustainable anymore. Watch the video below to know more.

This video is taken from the National Science Foundation newsletter.

Get More Money By Doing Task In Inboxdollars

Money is one of the most important things in human life. Some says without money you cannot live while some other says money is not everything. Regardless what is the opinion of people towards money, money is still the root of live in this era, the thing that we need the most in order to support our live.

This time, I am going to introduce another alternative to earn money online by completing task which is inboxdollars. Inboxdollars is one of the elite site which has been oline since year 2000. Inboxdollars does not only provide task completing job but it also provides cash shopping, cash offer, cash survey, and cash games. Cash shopping means you get cash back while shopping in your favorite merchant, cash offer let you to earn money by completing offer, cash survey pays money for doing survey, and cash games enable you to earn cash by playing games. It also allows you to earn by reading emails. Unfortunately, these offers seem to be not available if you are a non-US member. The only way you can earn money from this site is by completing task in cash task option if you are a non-US member.

One of the difficulty in getting the payment is that it does not pay you through online money processor like paypal. Inboxdollars pays its member through check. You can request check when your balance reach 30 US dollars and you will be charged fee for sending check as much as 3 US dollars. The waiting for payment is quite long. You have to wait one month complete if you request the payment the previous month and you will receive the check the next month after waiting month. For instance, you request payment in January, any date regardless on 1st of January or 31st January, you have to wait for one whole month in February and the check will be dispatch in March. Right after you receive your first payment, you will be upgraded automatically into golden member. Golden member has various of benefit including earn more from referral and less waiting time for payment compared to standard member.

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Earn Money By Completing Tasks Online With Microworkers

People nowadays think of many ways to earn extra money to double their income so that they can spend more on things they like such as buying new clothes to pamper themselves after putting so much effort on working. Some might look for part time job on weekends, run errands for others, etc. These kinds of job might require them to stay outdoor and there is very little chance for them to stay at home and rest while on week days they have tire themselves out. In this situation, I would recommend people to stay at home and rest, whenever possible, get yourself connected and start look for job online. By searching online job, you are not required to stay outdoor, rush here and there to complete your work. It allows you to enjoy your weekends at home and also enjoy the extra income earned online.

There are a lot of working opportunities which can be found online. If you do some research, you might a good  opportunity online. Last posting, I have already introduced one earning money opportunity online to you all. Now, I am going to introduce to you another earning money alternative that can be considered. This website name is microworkers. Here, you can work by completing tasks, easy tasks but remember to complete only task that you can finish because if you cannot finish the task, you cannot get paid. The are variety of task provided by this website. Starting from posting comment, writing review, link blog to certain website, visiting websites and many more. When completing task, try to get your task correctly done because when your task is rated "not satisfied" by the employer too often, it may limit the number of task you can accept.

You can cash out to your paypal account when it reaches 9 US dollars + 6 % of fee. So far, I have cashed out 9 US dollars to my paypal account once since I joined the website 11 months ago. Below is the the payment proof screenshot:

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Beruby, Gives You Cash Back For Only Using Internet

From the last posting, I already recommended to you one of the best online money processor that makes it possible for us to accept payment. Now it is the turn for me to introduce one of the website that enable you to earn money online. One of the legitimate website that I would recommend to you is Beruby. 

Beruby is one of the online websites that enable you to earn money by simply purchasing products whose company have some kind of cooperation with Beruby. Other way of earning is by registering as member at certain websites available for registration. Lastly, you can also earn money by simply visiting websites available for visiting. The amount of cash back is specified at certain amount for every shop provided here. Similar to cash back for purchasing products, the amount paid to you to registering or visiting each website is specified at certain amount, depends on the website you visit. When you manage to accumulate 10 US dollar in your balance, you are able to cash out to your online money processor such as paypal.

Below is the screenshot of the webpage: 

Following will be the screenshot sample for earning:
  1. Earn for purchasing

  2. Earn for registering

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With this website you can shop, register and visit website and get paid for it. For those who love to shop for products, it is a good chance to get an indirect discount by getting cash back. The most wonderful thing is that you can get the stuff that you want by purchasing it and indirectly you get paid for it. What a great deal! So do not hesitate, if you love shopping online, this is the way for you to safe more money. Register now and you will get 1 US dollar for sign up bonus. Interested, please sign up through this link. That's all for this, see you guys in the next post. Enjoy ^^ !

    Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Paypal, The Trusted Online Money Processor

    We can do a lot of things when we are connected to internet and the most surprising and exciting thing is that we can earn money online as well. But before we go for earning money opportunity, it would be better for us to create an online money processor account. So what does online money processor account mean? An online money processor is likewise a bank account, you can accept money paid by others. There are so many online money processors out there such as alertpay, liberty reserve, okpay, moneybookers, wiredpay, perfectmoney, paypal and many others.

    Among so many online money processors, I would like to recommend an online money processor which is trusted by companies and million of users around the world. Paypal is the main online money processor I use currently beside alertpay. Why paypal is so trusted? Paypal has been online for at least 10 years serving worldwide money transfer and payments. It allows you to make payments to most of the online shops and transfer money to other paypal account or bank account. Paypal also provides a very high security towards fraud and phishing. When third party manages to access your account, paypal will put your account into a limitation, forbidding third party to further hacking your account. Another advantage provided by paypal is that you can open dispute if the product you ordered did not arrive on time. Opening dispute is to enable you to get back money you have paid.

    So if you want to begin your earning money online journey, you should create your own paypal account. Create yours by visiting the banner below or by registering through this link. Enjoy your day guys ^^ .

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    Get Free Gift Just For Being You

    Nowadays people can almost do everything online. Starting from shopping, making new friends, chatting, researching, and many more. Everything is possibly easy to be done online.

    In this opportunity, I would like to share a website that allows you to bid products. The website name is Fribiz. You get free gifts just for being you. It means, you only need to do what you usually do, browse for products likewise you are shopping, bid for it with the cost of fribiz points, if you win you can get the product. If you lose, the points that you spent for bidding will be returned back to you plus compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the product you bid. Usually it will be stated on the page for the product's details.

    I registered as Fribiz member since 29th August 2010, and so far I have won the bidding for 3 products, 2 products had been sent to my hometown, Batam, Indonesia and 1 product is still waiting to be sent. I have waited quite sometime for the products to reach. It roughly took 2 months process. Below are the products which I received in my hometown:

    Recently, this website has stopped giving compensation for lose bid. It means you get back your points that you used to bid but without adding compensation for you. It makes things more difficult. However, you still can accumulate your fibriz point by referring your friends or by just completing weekly mission or even completing offer. If you can get free gifts for just being you, why not join it? Join through this link or click the banner below if you are really interested ^^ . Thank you for visiting, wish you have good day.

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